Analysis and Reports

The interdisciplinary team of energiewaechter wrote several analyses and reports on the topics of renewable energies, energy efficiency, waste and water management. The team was able to make good use of their various thematic approaches as well as their different foreign language skills.

Country reports on renewable energies

  • Client: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
  • Countries of destination: Japan, Jamaica, Uganda
  • Within the framework of the Energy Export Initiative, energiewaechter wrote country reports on Japan, Jamaica and Uganda and examined the framework conditions for the use of renewable energies. For this purpose, the energy market and the energy production and consumption structure as well as the energy policy background, laws, approval procedures and grid connection conditions were examined. The main focus of the country reports was a detailed description of the individual renewable energies, their potential in the countries, support programmes and project information.

Sector analysis for environmentally and climate-friendly technologies

  • Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Target countries: Mexico and Central America
  • Within the framework of the COPLAN programme, energiewaechter prepared a sector analysis of environmentally and climate-friendly technologies in Germany for the countries of Central America and Mexico on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. Within the framework of this study, a total of 15 experts and 60 companies from the fields of energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency), water (water treatment, wastewater treatment) and waste management (recycling, energy use, raw material treatment) were interviewed on the potential of the region.

Discussion paper on energy research

  • Client: A parliamentary group of the Bundestag
  • Country of destination: Germany
  • On behalf of a parliamentary group, energiewaechter wrote a discussion paper on the state of energy research and recommendations for future orientation. This study included an examination of the initial situation, including the content and the financial support from the public sector. Based on this, recommendations for more efficient structures, alternative forms of financing and new technological priorities in energy research were developed or identified.

Market study on the German building sector

  • Client: A chamber of commerce abroad
  • Country of destination: Germany
  • For a foreign chamber of commerce, energiewaechter wrote a comprehensive market study on the German building sector with a focus on sustainable and energy-efficient construction. The study analysed the characteristics of the German building construction sector and the legal foundations and subsidies for sustainable building, and assessed the market potential of the individual technologies and applications. Furthermore, concrete strategies for the development of the local market were developed and the competitive situation was assessed. The study was complemented by a list of the most important industry participants as well as trade fairs and events. In the course of the study, interviews with renowned industry experts were also conducted in order to better classify the empirical results.


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