Analyses and Reports

The interdisciplinary team of energiewaechter wrote several analyses and reports about renewable energies, energy efficiency, waste management and water management. Both the thematic focuses as well as the different language skills of the team members could be profitably used in this context.

  • As part of the Export Initiative Renewable Energies, energiewaechter wrote country reports on the general conditions for the use of renewable energies in Japan, Jamaica and Uganda. Central topics of the reports were the energy market and the structures of energy production and consumption as well as the energy policy and grid connection conditions´ framework. The country reports put a stress on the detailed description of the different renewable energies, their potential in the respective countries, support programs and project information.
  • In 2013 energiewaechter prepared a detailed fact sheet presenting information on green technologies “made in Germany”. The study was commissioned by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and designed for the Mexican and Central American markets. More than 15 experts and 60 German companies operating in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency, fresh water supply and water treatment, as well as waste treatment, recycling and waste-to-energy projects were questioned as to their market expectations. The project is part of the COPLAN program run by the GIZ, which wants to promote green technologies “made in Germany” to this Latin world region.
  • energiewaechter realized in 2012 a discussion paper on the status of energy research in Germany with recommendations for its future orientation. The study was commissioned by a Parliamentary Faction of the German Bundestag. The present organizational framework is very complex and lacks transparency with regard to research topics and financing. It does not fully reflect the shift from fossil and nuclear energy sources to renewables and energy efficiency. What is needed are more efficient structures of institutional cooperation and knowledge sharing as well as a stronger emphasis on innovative research strategies and financing to reflect the necessary transition towards a less carbon-intensive energy future.
  • For a foreign Chamber of Commerce, energiewaechter wrote an extensive market study about the German building sector focusing on sustainable and energy-efficient construction. As part of the study, the characteristics of the German building sector were analyzed, including the legal regulations and funding opportunities for sustainable construction. Furthermore, the study assessed the market potential of the different technologies and applications. In addition, specific strategies for exploring the local market were developed and the competitive situation was evaluated. The study was complemented by a list of key industry participants as well as trade fairs and events. In order to classify the empirical results better, interviews were conducted with leading industry experts.


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