Renewable Energies

Solar radiation, wind, water and wave power, biomass and geothermal power form a vast array of natural energy sources that are available to mankind. A clever and encompassing utilization of these power potentials can in the future guarantee every human on this earth an access to electricity and heat regardless of global competition for scarce fossil fuels. Compared to the total costs of our conventional power supply necessary investments into a sustainable energy future are secure and limited in scope. They make us less dependent from potentially insecure supplies of fossil fuels and create new opportunities for economic wealth in our communities and regions.

The team of energiewaechter wants to make its contribution towards the goal of attaining a full scale supply from renewable energy sources not only in Germany but also in the rest of the world. Working within the framework of the Export Initiative for Renewable Energies we support German companies offering respective technologies to enter foreign markets to do business and to promote knowledge and technology transfer to other countries. We offer our special-tailored assistance to all companies wanting to win new markets for renewable energies with adequate green technologies.

The new short film Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution of the organization Germany Trade & Invest shows in 12 minutes a glimpse of unprecedented successes, opportunities and plans for the future:

Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution


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