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Better Corporate Governance
Should you be interested in contributing with your company to environmental protection, we will be happy to propose you concrete steps and measures to follow. A better corporate governance can be created by following with your company a sustainable path into the future, because customers prefer this option and honor a true commitment.

Ecology Campaign
Creating awareness among people for the ecologic importance and intrinsic value of our natural environment is instrumental to its protection. Only when it becomes apparent to individuals what negative consequences their own action or inaction may have for their environment they can be called upon to change their behavior and correct their decisions. energiewaechter is committed to such ecology campaign and suggests tailored projects for targeted groups of people around such topics as sustainable consumption, healthy food, resource protection and all energy-related questions. We want you to actively participate in bringing the campaigns to life and making them a success by positively changing people’s behavior. Creativity in seeking new solutions and finding innovative answers can be fun for everyone.


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