Our Company Commitment

energiewaechter stands for environmental and climate protection,
because the future of our planet is of great concern to us. This implies working for environmentally sound and sustainable energy systems both on a national and a global scale.

Green passion is our company commitment.
It gives the team all necessary energy to do our job successfully and the conviction to make a valuable contribution for creating a better world for all – here and now and for the next generations.

Team spirit is guiding our job
because we care for good professional cooperation with our clients. Successful project management implies regular coordination of joint activities. Team members are selected for their specific competencies in order to guarantee services with high quality standards which our clients expect from us. If necessary we even ask for external support in order to optimize results. We are open minded and dedicated to fairness both with regard to our customers and business partners as well as to our own team members.

We aim to offer excellent professional services to our clients,
because we venture into new challenging themes with good preparation and fruitful cooperation with national and international partners. We try to be up-to-date and to keep you fully informed.

We opt for a realistic and visionary approach
when dealing with difficult and complex subject matters. We recognize the permanent challenge when tackling environmental and climate change issues to meet both sides of the spectrum. Even in our office work we attempt to be visionary realists by bringing to life our green commitment: buying clean energy, saving in daily energy use, and providing healthy food to our own team members. We follow the spirit of the German writer Ernst Kästner who once said: “There is nothing good in the world unless you do it yourself.”


  • energiewaechter GmbH
    Schützenstraße 44
    12165 Berlin
  • Phone: + 49 30 / 797 44 41 - 0
  • Fax: + 49 30 / 797 44 41 - 28

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