Energy Efficiency

“Made in Germany” has a good international reputation with regard to (green) technologies. Roughly two of five new patents in the field of energy efficiency are from Germany. There are a great number of medium-sized German companies offering innovative products...

Renewable Energies

Solar radiation, wind, water and wave power, biomass and geothermal power form a vast array of natural energy sources that are available to mankind. A clever and encompassing utilization of these power potentials can in the future guarantee every human on this earth...

Water and Waste Treatment

Green technologies are as important for energy generation as they are for water and waste treatment since they contribute significantly to saving resources and helping to protect the world’s climate and environment. The overall market for innovations in this field...

More Topics

Should you be interested in contributing with your company to environmental protection, we will be happy to propose you concrete steps and measures to follow. A better corporate governance can be created by following with your company a sustainable path into...


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