Meike Wächter / Managing Partner

Meike Wächter
Managing Partner

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 588 79 392

Mrs. Meike Luise Wächter is the founder and managing director of energiewaechter GmbH. Her main areas of expertise are renewable energies, environmental technologies and energy efficiency, with the latter being the area in which she has expanded most in the past. Her work focuses on the one hand on supervising the project managers of existing projects in this field and on the other hand strongly on developing new networks and network partners. Since 2020, Meike has been working in parallel as managing director of Woolis GmbH, dedicating herself to a core project, the trade with "green" coffee from Mexico.

Meike was still a little girl when she became interested in environmental protection issues and committed herself against seal extinction with a letter to the then Minister of the Environment Klaus Töpfer. When she graduated as an industrial engineer specializing in environmental issues, she decided to turn her green passion into a profession. Already during her studies she organized the Rio 2005 Conference in Brazil on behalf of Prof. Dr. Stefan Krauter, which took place in February 2005 in Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, Meike was involved in the project SOLARSTROMPARK BERLINER SCHULEN.

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